Purpose of training camp for teenager: To discover for children and teenager’s skills. To developed  horizons to be successful in the future they’ll choose occupations. Developed provides a good assessment of their time with hobbies, highlighting them in their respective work, happy, self-confidence, which developed the mental and physical health, and confident individuals who love the world and the people who love to train themselves.Belong to be a part of recreational group who knows to go on a pleasure trip,to live to investigate.

So that Turkey is the most important places in the world with nature and natural beauty.
Turkey has too variety of area for youth camp activite.In the various parts of our country in this sense camps being set up whether summer or winter season,thousands of young people within and outside the country live a pleasure( before don’t  taste a pleasure like that)  with their friends sometimes with  unknown people whom to be friend relationship. 

Camps, so that young people caught between city life and technology for a while out of this environment, to bring together and implement them in real touch with nature to make.Campers can’t find the  opportunity to make a very different activity in the city life do with together specialist staffs during camp life will spend an unforgettable holiday.To be applied during the training camp our campers with freedom, leadership, personality and character traits such as self-confidence and team spirit will be accompanied by new discoveries.

Camp program prepared that campers away from noise of the city,they live with nature in order to provide memorable experiences.Young people will struggle self-confidence,sharing, team spirit and freedom; make camp activities and learn by living in the nature of life does’nt consist of computer games while during camp period.This program contributes  responsibility for the views of life and consciousness to development of campers; make an own business use their initiative and to development of personality.In the camp extreme sports training  with camp directors and team coaches under the supervision carried out by professional trainers.

We were prepared as an example like the camp programs below,we prepare special programs for groups. Inside this additional training programs we can also add Paragliding into the slope.In addition we also add in our programs city tours and important places should see in Turkey.

If you contact and let us know about  to consist how many people from of your group, and what you want to do, we can prepare for you a special camp program.

Please contact us for more information.


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