One of east Black Sea’s most important residences Trabzon and Uzungöl with its thousand years of history it is one of must to see among worldwide tourists.

Trabzon; In East Black Sea territory with its history, social, cultural and natural beauties lies down where blue and green embraces together. With its location worth to visit in all seasons with its cool summers, less salty sea, various fish kind, woods with all tints of green it is an example of a unique treasure.
This land which was a home to humankind till prehistoric ages has a rich history. It was visited by Marco Polo and Evliya Chelebi, conquered by Ottoman Sultan Fatih Sultan Mehmet, the land where Ottoman Sultan Yavuz Sultan Selim was governor and where Kanuni Sultan Suleyman was born.
Besides offered natural beauties by abundant rainfall, beauties by human hand are amazing visitors.
Green is the color to define Trabzon. If you want to have an oxygen bath Trabzon is just the place for you.

Just as you arrive in Trabzon, Sümela Monastery standing over hillside of Karadağ as if to fall, Silk road and Zigana pass which has welcomed thousands of travelers and Uzungöl welcomes you with thousand tones of green.


Uzungöl (English: Long lake) is lake situated to the south of the city of Trabzon in Turkey. Over the years it has become a major tourist attraction. It is also the name of a nearby village.The lake is at a distance of 99 km from Trabzon and 19 km from Çaykara district.[1] It was formed by landslide making the stream bed to become a natural dam in the valley of Haldizen Stream.[2]
The area is most famous for its natural beauty. Located in a valley between high rising mountains, the lake and village at first appear inaccessible. The surrounding greenery of the mountain forests and fog, occasionally enveloping the lake at night, also add to the scenery.
Uzungöl, with its unparalleled natural beauty, has become a popular tourist destination in the last few years. The infrastructure is complete and the 500,000 m2 lake has large numbers of trout and carp. Ten kilometers south of Uzungöl in the Holdizon Mountains is Lake Balıklıgöl, a perfect place to take a hike and observe wildlife in a pristine unspoiled environment.
The 1625 hectares were designated as a Nature Park in 1989 because of the rich plant life, wildlife and sightseeing potential. The dominant tree species is Eastern spruce, and there are also badger, bearded, alder, horn-beam, hazelnut, oak, mountain elm and silver birch trees. Species of animals include mountain goat, roe deer, bear, wolf, wild boar, marten, badger, lynx, jackal, fox, rabbit, squirrel, wild ducks, birds of prey, trout and various kinds of reptiles.

Uzungöl is a village, plateau and an entertainment center in the region. With its touristic pensions, trout fish restaurants and natural beauties it is a rare place of visit and accommodation.

Uzungöl is a place suitable for natural scenery viewing, hiking, climbing, botanical plant viewing. In Uzungöl a river which has been running with pure water falls into a long narrow lake and flows effusively from there and from Of town embraces with Solaklı stream to reach the Black Sea. This pure water lake is surrounded with woods of Black pine and other black sea trees. The area of Uzungöl is always foggy. Scenery made of blue of the sky, cotton white clouds, green woods and the pure water lake whets the appetite that’s why the trout fish is always more delicious in Uzungöl.
If you want to visit natural park of Uzungöl, it is 38km south of township named “Of”. After you arrive “Of” running next to Solaklı River, you can arrive to Uzungöl by choosing the traffic signs written “Çaykara, Deynekpazarı, Uzungöl”. Uzungöl is just over township of Çaykara and it is high in altitude approximately like 1000m. The road leading to Uzungöl always follows Solaklı river and you can see typical Black Sea flora, examples of rustic lifestyle and architecture.


- Exploring Trabzon castle, lying between the sea to the hills and the best protected structure of the region,
- Visiting the 19th century Atatürk palace, a gift from Trabzon,
- Seeing Fatih (Irena) Tower,
- Visiting the area during the Plateau festivals, from the first Sunday May until the end of August,
- Making a trip to Sumela Monastery,
- Feasting on savoy cabbage, kayana and Hamsiköy rice pudding,
- Visiting Uzungöl,
- Tasting trout with butter, and sampling the unique dishes of the Black Sea.
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