Yalova is a city located in northwestern Turkey, on the eastern coast of the Sea of Marmara, and is the capital of the Yalova Province. Yalova is a port city that you can do different activities like thermal tourism, hunting, sportive based natural tourism. It is very famous for its hot springs which started to become important in the Roman Age. The thermal sprins were constructed by King Constantine and many years later were restored by Justinian. In the time of Sultan Abdulhamit II the springs became even more important. In 1929 when Atatürk come to Yalova, he considered Thermal to be the water city of the future. The hot springs water treats many illness such as eye infections, rheumatism, skin diseases and stomach problems. Yalova is also very famous for its greenhouses. Yalova and surroundings is an area where sea and green jumbles together and a homeland for unique beauties. Most of the flowers and plants are sent to different parts of Turkey. It is so close to Istanbul, either for a picnic or for a dinner in a quite restaurant or for accomodation you can prefer it. Especially with worldwide famous Thermals and Armutlu Spas, it has become Turkey's and middle east's health and resting place. From rheumatism to hepatitis; from gall bladder to obesity it is a cure centre. Next to Istanbul with alternatives of transportation, 13kms away from Yalova in Thermals area there are many things to see, places to have a picnic, rest. Thermals area are planned as a hiking trail with pine trees. In that area there is also Mansion of Ataturk (founder of Turkish Republic) as a museum. Around thermal in woods Sudüşen Waterfall (Uveyspınar) is a must to visit. On the way to waterfalls there are sailmon trout(fish) restaurants with delicious fresh water fish. You also shouldn't miss Erikli double waterfalls and climbing Delmece Plateu. Yalova is also famous for foliage plant production. In Yalova you can do many natural activities. Easy and hard hiking trails, jeep safari, nature photographing, camping, plant and animal observation, shopping organic agricalture.
Altınova is situated near the seaside and is 27 kilometers from Yalova. It has got many historical places, i.e:Ancient Turkish baths, castles and fountains.
Armutlu is a pretty town 51 kilometers from Yalova. It is one of the cleanest seaside resorts in the Marmara Region with many beautiful bays. Its hot thermal springs contain. 1.04 mm of radioactive material each liter.
This beautiful holiday resort is 16 kilometers from Yalova. You can easily get there by minibus or coach. There are many restaurants and places for camping. You can also go mountain climbing on Teşvikiye mountain.
Çiftlikköy is a small town 4 kilometers from Yalova. It has a lovely beach and a lot of camping areas. It is possible to get there by minibus, taxi or bus. On the Yalova-Karamürsel highway there are many restaurants where you can have a barbeque.
This is a beautiful country 12 kilometers from Yalova. It is very famous for its hot water springs and Turkish baths. It is a complate holiday resort with first class Hotels. It is possible to get there by minibus, taxi or bus.
Atatürk's mansion was built in 1929. It was his favorite place fo relaxation. There are many antique carpets and vases which were made in Iran, China, France and Japan.

This beautiful botanic museum is situated on the Yalova-Thermal highway 5 kilometers from Yalova. There are many different plants and trees.



• Visiting Thermal Spas and Armutlu Spas
• Visiting Sudusen and Erikli Waterfalls
• Spending time in Town Wood.
• Walking at beach.
• Making a barbecue at Hasanbaba Picnic area
• Tasting fish and meat at Waterfall restaurants
• Visiting museum of alive plants “Karaca Arberotuma”
• Bargaining at Yalova Public Market
• Tasting Yalova fruits like pulp, watermellon, cherry etc.
• Without having a view of “Bottomless Lake” from Erikli and Delmece Plateus
• Visiting Altınova Hersekzade Ahmet Paşa Mosque and historical cinema building in thermal area.

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